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Triple Threat Plot Summary and Synopsis

Dreams of Broadway stardom meet the realities of adulthood in Triple Threat, the story of three long-time friends whose shared vision for success is jeopardized as Chloe, Maggie and Gus each decide what’s most important in life--and how to achieve it. Fresh out of college, Chloe and Maggie put their all into creating their new original musical, Firefly, and ten years of hard work pay off when the show is picked up for a Broadway premiere. Now in their thirties, each realizes that happiness might look a little different from what their younger selves envisioned, from parenthood to partnerships to professional success. Bursting with vibrant original music and a distinctly Millennial vibe, Triple Threat is for every theater kid yearning to make it big, every family bonded by friendship, and anyone who’s ever put it all on the line to realize their dreams.

The Shadow Archetype Part 1

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