The Nun II Ending Explained [SPOILER!]

SPOILER ALERT: the following article contains massive spoilers, including the ending. If you have not yet seen the movie, proceed at your own risk, or better, come back to this article later!

A horror film that continues the story of The Nun, a demonic entity that haunts and possesses people who enter its cursed convent. The movie is set four years after the ending of the first film.


The Nun II Plot Summary and Synopsis

In Tarascon, France, in 1956, a priest and a young boy go about their daily chores in a little church. Jacques is the boy’s name, and while he’s putting the wine away for the day, he sees his ball in the wrong spot. With the wine occupying his hands, Jacques uses his feet to put the ball away. He shelves the wine, and when he turns around, the ball is right in front of him. Jacques kicks it back into place, but to his horror, it comes right back to him. The boy runs up to the priest and tells him there’s someone in there. As they stand in front of the altar, the priest yells for whoever is in the building. Things take a nasty turn quickly, and the priest is raised in the air and immolated as Jacques watches, holding onto the priest’s rosary.

Elsewhere in a boarding school, Frenchie has made friends with a young girl named Sophie. So much so that Sophie wants to give him a friendship bracelet, but she gets made fun of by the other girls. When the headmistress walks in on the mess, Frenchie quickly takes back the bracelet from one of the girls who was teasing Sophie. He shows it to her before sending her off to class, and she puts it on. Sophie is the daughter of Kate, a teacher at the school. Kate and Frenchie seem quite close too.

Somewhere in Italy, Irene is asked to speak to a young nun named Debra. She’s decided that she doesn’t need to go to confession, and Irene is tasked with helping her find her way back to God. Debra tells Irene she’s only there because her father thought it was appropriate for her to be a servant of God when her brothers were servants of the country. Debra has gone through too much in her young life to believe in miracles and her faith has been shaken.

The Nun II Ending

During The Nun 2 ‘s ending, Debra and Irene say the magic words to make the wine Christ’s blood, and there’s red everywhere. The demon is finally banished once again, and everyone else is safe. We suppose Frenchie will live a normal life with Kate and Sophie as he’d dreamed of.

The Nun II Ending Explained

The mid-credit scene shows Sister Irene visiting St Lucy’s Church where she meets Father Burke who is now blind after his encounter with Valak in The Nun (2018). He tells Irene that he has been having visions of Lucy who has been guiding him through his blindness. He gives Irene an envelope containing information about Lucy’s life which leads her on another adventure.

The Nun II Plot Twist

The twist comes when we learn that Frenchie was possessed by Valak all along.

Source: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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