Redfall Preview And Interview With Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith | GI Show
Redfall Preview And Interview With Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith | GI Show

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Arkane Studios, best known for creating the acclaimed stealth series Dishonored, has made a name for itself by realizing game worlds with rich lore, environmental storytelling, and curious, interweaving levels. Its specialty is developing immersive sims, a niche it’s helped cultivate since 1999. On May 2, Arkane releases its next project, Redfall, an open-world first-person shooter.

I’ve been a fan of Arkane Studios’ rich single-player worlds for years. Naturally, I had questions about Redfall’s position in the developer’s portfolio. However, after interviewing Studio Head Harvey Smith and playing the game for 90 minutes, I have the answers I was looking for – and I’m excited to share it all in this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show.

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In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, Alex returns from New York City to share his thoughts on Redfall after a lengthy hands-on session. Blake breaks down his Resident Evil 4 Remake review, and Marcus shares his thoughts on the Diablo IV closed beta. Then the conversation switches to lighter subjects when Kyle talks about what makes Tchia an open-world game worth exploring. Lastly, the podcast closes with a short interview between Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith and Game Informer’s Alex Van Aken, who talk about creativity, serialization, and how Redfall morphs into a different experience when playing with friends.

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Redfall Preview And Interview With Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith | GI Show

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Matt Storm, the freelance audio editor for The Game Informer Show, edited this episode. Matt is an experienced podcast host and producer who’s been speaking into a microphone for over a decade. You should listen to Matt’s shows like the “Fun” And Games Podcast and Reignite, a BioWare podcast.

Jump to the timestamps to get to a particular point of discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:08:32 – Resident Evil 4 Remake

00:24:19 – Tchia

00:38:44 – Redfall Hands-On Preview

00:54:41 – Diablo IV

01:11:24 – Listener Emails

01:24:40 – Harvey Smith Interview

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