Perry Mason Season 1 Ending Explained [SPOILER!]

SPOILER ALERT: the following article contains massive spoilers, including the ending. If you have not yet seen the movie, proceed at your own risk!

Perry Mason’ Season 1 comes to an end with the trial of Emily Dodson wrapping up with a shocking twist. In setting the ground for Mason’s further adventures, the series also lets go of the expectations that the audience must have had with the finale. It doesn’t give a proper closure to the case, neither does it allow Mason the moment where he uses his exceptional abilities in the courtroom to prove his client innocent and reveal the real perpetrator. There are things in life that are never resolved, and you have to make your peace with that. Season 1 ends on this bittersweet note. But what does it mean for all the characters? If you haven’t caught up with the show yet, head over to HBO. SPOILERS AHEAD

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