Jacir Ending Explained [SPOILER!]

SPOILER ALERT: the following article contains massive spoilers, including the ending. If you have not yet seen the movie, proceed at your own risk, or better, come back to this article later!


Jacir Summary and Synopsis

JACIR is a look at the divisiveness of U.S. politics through the eyes of a young Syrian refugee on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, as he faces the hard truth of chasing the American dream. All the while living in poverty, witnessing social injustice while dealing with his conservative, cable-news-consuming, and opioid-addicted next-door neighbor, Meryl. Knowing very little English and far from the ideal new American life he imagined. Jacir embarks on a journey to win the affection of a new love interest, Nadia, while dealing with her overzealous dad Adam; and measuring a newfound friendship with an African American line cook and rapper named Jerome. JACIR shows us the importance of letting go of our preconceived notions of one another, being there for our community, and fixing what is broken no matter what our pain may do to us.

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