Cinderella Ending Explained [SPOILER!]

SPOILER ALERT: the following article contains massive spoilers, including the ending. If you have not yet seen the movie, proceed at your own risk, or better, come back to this article later!

Cinderella is a musically-driven bold new take on the traditional story you grew up with. Our heroine (Camila Cabello) is an ambitious young woman, whose dreams are bigger than the world will allow, but with the help of her Fab G (Billy Porter), she is able to persevere and make her dreams come true.


Cinderella Plot Summary and Synopsis

Cinderella is an ambitious young woman who wants to establish her shop “Dresses by Ella” one day in her patriarchal society. She catches the eye of Prince Robert in the guard-changing ceremony.

The next day, Robert, dressed as a commoner, goes to the market, where he finds Ella trying to sell her dress, and buys it from her. He later invites her to the ball being held two weeks later, with the promise of introducing her to various people from the world to sell her dresses to.

When the day arrives, Ella is getting ready when her stepmother, Vivian throws ink on her dress and tells her that only her stepsisters, Malvolia and Narissa, can attend, since Thomas the vegetable merchant has already confirmed his desire for Ella’s hand.

Ella is sad, but her Fabulous Godmother magically appears and dresses her in a design of Ella’s, with glass shoes, and turns mice into footmen and a crate into a carriage. Ella goes to the ball and meets a visiting queen, who offers to take her around the world as a dressmaker for her and asks to meet her the next day in the market square.

Later, Robert finds Ella, shows his sister, Princess Gwen wearing the gown he bought from Ella previously, and proposes to Ella. Ella refuses, however, as she wants to start her career. At the stroke of midnight, she leaves the hall after throwing her shoe at one of the King’s attendants, who tries to catch her.

The next day, Vivian, knowing the truth that her stepdaughter is the mystery princess, tries to convince Ella to marry Robert.

When Ella refuses, Vivian gives her to Thomas. Robert’s mother, Queen Beatrice, helps his father, King Rowan, understand that it will be right to let him marry a commoner. Robert keeps searching for Ella and finds her running in the forest after she escapes from Thomas.

They confess their love to each other as Ella and Robert kiss and reach the market in time to show her benefactor her designs, who accepts them and asks Ella to travel with her.

Robert introduces Ella to Rowan and Beatrice and informs them of their decision to travel the world.

He knows this will ruin the plan for his future ascension to the throne, but Beatrice smiles as Rowan proudly declare that Gwen (who has repeatedly shown an interest and ability in affairs of state), will now be first in line to the throne.

Cinderella Ending

Citizens of the kingdom gather to witness the ceremony announcing the Princess’ position and that Robert and Ella are in love.

Source: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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