‘About Endlessness’: Roy Andersson’s Reportedly Final Existential Statement Mixes Despair & Gentle Absurdism [Review]

Iconoclastic Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson (“Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence,” “You, The Living, Songs from the Second Floor”) has been long considered among the world’s top filmmakers, but he’s not the most prolific (just six films and two shorts in five decades). Andersson’s latest — and by credible accounts, the last — film, the bleakly, blackly comic “About Endlessness” (Om det oändliga), justly won Andersson the Silver Lion prize for Direction at the Venice International Film Festival in 2019— the first for a Swedish filmmaker—but it’s been a long, circuitous, possibly-pandemic-related delay in receiving the movie in North America.

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